The world’s most valuable luxury brand

As the world’s luxury goods company operating king, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton, referred to as LV) in the world’s leading market research firm Ming slightly line (Millward Brown Optimor) published in 2013 BrandZ global brand hundred list shows, Louis Vuitton Is still the world’s most valuable luxury brand, for the eighth consecutive year won the luxury brand champion.

The most widely known story is that after the Titanic sank more than a hundred years later, people in the process of salvaging a Louis Vuitton luggage in the water for more than 100 years is still intact, which kept things No damage. This event makes LV famous for the world.

In this mixed global business environment, louis vuitton replica is to different groups of different market segments and strategies to emphasize their focus on quality. Asian customers in Louis vuitton replica sales performance has been playing a pivotal role in its popularity in Asia far more than Europe and the United States, Japan is crazy for it. In the Asian region, with a louis vuitton replica package, can be used as a symbol of excellence.

And now, to replica handbags as the representative of the louis vuitton replica product has become a symbol of high spending power customers, this is the original intention of replica handbags, but also to “unique” as a symbol of replica handbags company Fortunately.

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