The world’s most valuable luxury brand

As the world’s luxury goods company operating king, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton, referred to as LV) in the world’s leading market research firm Ming slightly line (Millward Brown Optimor) published in 2013 BrandZ global brand hundred list shows, Louis Vuitton Is still the world’s most valuable luxury brand, for the eighth consecutive year won the luxury brand champion.

The most widely known story is that after the Titanic sank more than a hundred years later, people in the process of salvaging a Louis Vuitton luggage in the water for more than 100 years is still intact, which kept things No damage. This event makes LV famous for the world.

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Luxury brand louis vuitton replica

LOUISVUITTON (Louis Vuitton), love it called it LV.As one of the world’s most famous luxury brands, LV tentacles have been from the original bag stretched out to fashion, shoes and jewelry, 150 years of luxury History, but also created its own employment concept.

150 years to create the culture

Luxury, the higher the price the more luxury it? LVMH Asia Pacific Human Resources Development Manager, Ms. Vanessa Ribes, said: “The high price does not mean that is a luxury.” Luxury behind is a system of support, by decades or centuries of cultural heritage.

Innovation, leading the trend of the concept of survival to promote the brand’s professional, industrial production concept to promote the brand to the world. Today, louis vuitton replica has 56,000 employees working in different positions around the world, of which 6% comes from countries outside the headquarters of France. According to reports, in the jobs provided by the replica handbags, the market and sales staff accounted for 50%, while about 36% of the production staff and 14% of the support, management staff.

Accompanied by a wealth of legendary and elegant design and become fashion classic. Over the past 100 years, the world has undergone many changes, people’s pursuit and aesthetic concepts also change, but louis vuitton replica not only reputation Zoran, and now still maintain an unparalleled brand charm.